Y/N's Listogram

I'm a paragraph of text telling you who I am.


  • new MCR song, huh
  • blah blah blah
  • gotta put more here .... blah blah

who made this


  • hi my name is maya and i have my own website at maya.land
  • i am a professional computer person, but when it comes to the internet, i love all the weird stuff non-computer-professional ppl do about 1000x more than Real Programmers' stuff.
    • my goal here is to share something that might be useful


  • explain markdown a bit
  • explain the icon
  • explain how to use the read more break
  • recolor links
  • make archive page, filter by not tagged archives

what is listogram

  • lots of ppl are using listography
    • people use it like linktree, but building around lists rather than buttons if that makes sense?
  • it's a cool community, but you can't sign up without a Google-run email account, and it limits your flexibility way more than something like Neocities.
  • at the same time, if you want to get started with this kind of thing, it's way easier to make some bulleted lists than to learn All Of HTML. neocities can be kind of intimidating if you're not looking for a Whole Project.
  • so what if you want to be able to write cute lists, but also...
  • embed a YT video you like?